Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Chapter 3, Page 1, Panel 4

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was the son of the Greek Titan Iapetus. Because Prometheus did not like Zeus, ruler of all the Gods, Prometheus stole fire and gave it to the mortals now living on Earth. When Zeus discovered that Prometheus had deceived him, he chained Prometheus to a rock and condemned him to an eternity of having his liver eaten out by a huge bird only to have the organ grow back each day to be eaten out again. Prometheus is referenced in Watchmen with The Promethean Cab Company. Gibbons and Moore reference Prometheus because he has some qualities in common with Veidt-- Prometheus takes the power of fire away from the gods and gives it to the humans, much like Veidt takes the power of uncertainty away from the universe and gives the control back to the humans. However, much like Prometheus died each day in pain and was reborn, Veidt will forever have to watch the human race rip itself apart again and again.

Link: http://messagenet.com/myths/bios/promethe.html

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