Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Chapter 5, Page 7, Panel 1

Buddha is the corner-stone of a primarily-Eastern practiced religion known as Buddhism. Siddhartha Gautama is widely recognized as the Supreme Buddha and founder of Buddhism and it is his passed down oral teachings that form the rules of Buddhism. After his death, the image of Siddhartha was changed slightly and magnified. Siddhartha was raised as a prince and shielded from any knowledge of human suffering or pain. When he was about thirty, Siddhartha learned of death and eventually left his home to find enlightenment and live a simpler life. His life and teachings reached many people and he died (or simply moved onto a new stage of life, leaving his Earthly body behind) with many followers who continued to practice in the vein of his teachings. Gibbon's juxtaposition of a mellow Buddha poster with the blood from two dead children murdered by their suicidal father shows that the world in Moore's Watchmen has truly gone mad and now an image of calmness no no longer holds anything but gore.

Link: http://www.aboutbuddha.org/

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